Unique and Mysterious, a great way of describing the workshop at Valentino Safe Co.  A fully functioning workshop where safes are opened, repaired and re purposed. Keys are made to 100+ year old locks and traditional locksmithing is alive and well.  

Situated in the "Old Servo" Main Rd  Lilydale Tasmania, the retro style building is a perfect location for the unique and cosy workshop.  A wood fire creates a warm vibe and the bar in the corner is a great addition on a Friday evening.  The workshop is open to the public and often has history groups from all over Tasmania dropping in for a tour and an explanation of some of the beautifull old safes that have been collected over the years.  Each one of the safes can tell a story.

The Valentino Safe Co workshop also doubles as a music venue, we have hosted music evenings for the local community and raise money for the local volunteer groups.