Have you got a safe that needs re locating?  This is our speciality.
Safes can be extremely heavy and moving these safes takes skill and the correct equipment.  Valentino Safe Co is the trusted safe moving company in Tasmania and specialises in heavy bank safe moves.  Careful planning is very important, holding the correct insurances and utilising traffic managment and or pedestrian managment is important to a successful and safe move.
There are a few very important points to consider before moving or installing a safe.
  • How heavy is the Safe?
  • Are there any stairs, ramps or thresholds in the way of the move?
  • Is it concrete or timber floor?
  • Can the floor actually support the weight of the safe?
  • If bolting onto concrete floor, are there any pipes/cables in the concrete?
  • If moving heavy safes with a crane truck, will you need Traffic Management or Pedestrian management from councils?

If you have safe that needs moving please contact Valentino Safe Co for the correct advice.